Abbie Cardwell
Melbourne, Australia

Bio: Abbie Cardwell is an Australian born singer-songwriter-musician-artist-writer and collaborator. Armed with her banjo, guitar, ukulele, harmonica and versatile voice this multi award winning artist is truly versatile creating music from acoustic roots, americana, rockabilly to vintage Mariachi rock, spaghetti western and haunting Mexican boleros (sung in English and Spanish). Abbie performs with several bands in Australia and Mexico. The Master Key Project: Abbie Cardwell is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a keen interest in the world of creatives and their creative process. Utilising her understanding of the power of the mind and her 20 years of experience in the music industry Abbie's goal is to help other creatives by shedding a bright light on the dark side of being an artist . Through her own personal experiences and her growing collection of interviews Abbie reveals the often too common and unspoken isolating experiences many artists go through in order to help show new ways of navigating those challenging times. Follow the blog for inspiring interviews and stories that are honest, real and raw. A blog for by a creative for creatives.

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